Legends Sports League is a recreational sports league that caters to both adult and youth sports. Based in Fairfax, VA, Legends offers adult basketball, baseball, and pickleball as well as youth basketball

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Q) I have only played softball recently.  Will I be able to do this?

A) Absolutely!  We are looking for guys who are not super competitive, but still want to experience the joy of baseball.  You will also be surprised how quickly you will pick it back up!


Q) I am 55.  Can I still have fun?

A) Yes!  We have several 60+ year-olds who loves it.  The 32 year old pitch rule really helps here.  Also, we will split the league by age as soon as we have enough players!


Q) Can I use metal or wood bats?

A) Either can be used, but you get more distance with metal!


Q) How about cleats - metal ok?

A) Metal can be used, but this time we recommend against metal.  Plastic cleats provide plenty of traction and are safer for you and other players.  They're also easier on your knees.


Q) What equipment must I have?

A) After you wear your Legends uniform, you will need your own glove and cleats.  If you have a bat, bring it. We do not provide bats, but many players have their own favorite, and you can usually borrow a teammate's. 


Q) I am a catcher.  Do I have to bring my own equipment?

A) No, we provide all catcher's equipment.  But feel free to bring your favorite glove or mask.


Q) I've worn the same number for years.  Can I have the same one?

A) We provide numbers for you, but if you like a particular number, just let us know in advance and we will get it for you.


Q) Can I get my name on my jersey?

A) Due to extra cost and possible delays and mistakes, we do not provide names, but feel free to take your jersey to a shop and have it added.


Q) What are my payment options?

A) You can pay by cash, check, credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover), or PayPal Account.  You will be provided these choices after you submit your online registration.


Q) I cannot make all the games.  Is it fair that I still sign up to play?

A) Yes!  We place more players on each team just for that reason.  Everyone is busy, and we expect most players to miss 2 or 3 games in a season.


Q) I have a group of folks that want to play together.  Can we do this?

A) Yes!  You will be placed on the same team.  We also offer group discounts for 3 or more players.  Please call or email us to set up the discount procedures.


Q) It seems like a lot of money.  What is the deal?

A) Well, have you taken your family out for dinner at a decent restaurant lately?  There goes your full registration for the entire season!  And please don't forget it is expensive for all our set-up of excellent umpires, field use, etc. Join us, you won't regret it - ask our players if they think it is worth the cost!