Legends Sports League is a recreational sports league that caters to both adult and youth sports. Based in Fairfax, VA, Legends offers adult basketball, baseball, and pickleball as well as youth basketball

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Legends Rules 

July 6, 2022 - (Changes in RED)




Professional Rules – All rules not specifically covered in this document will follow professional rules.

Administrative Rules

  1. Player Minimum Rule – Due to liability reasons, a game must have at least 16 total players.  Umpires will wait 15 minutes from start time for the minimum number of players to show, at which time the game will be called.  Players may stay and play a scrimmage, but with no umpires.

  2. Time Limits Rule – Game time is the scheduled start time, not when the game actually starts.  Be ready to play at the scheduled time! 

  • For games scheduled for 3 hours, no new inning will be started WHEN THE CLOCK STRIKES 2:45, and the games have a 3-hour drop-dead rule (WHEN THE CLOCK STRIKES 3:00). 

  • For games scheduled for 3:15 hours, no new inning will be started WHEN THE CLOCK STRIKES 3:00, and the games have a 3:15-hour drop-dead rule (WHEN THE CLOCK STRIKES 3:15). 

  • A new inning begins as soon as the third out for the bottom of the inning is recorded.

  • If an inning cannot be completed, the score must revert back to the beginning of the inning.

  • At the drop-dead time per above, as long as there is not a non-Legends team waiting, and the field is available, the inning must be completed. If a Legends team is waiting, that game must be delayed, and the inning must be finished.

  • For playoff games, every attempt must be made to finish the inning, and/or determine a winner, even if going into extra innings. 

  • In case of a tie game after the last regulation inning, an extra inning (or more if needed to break a tie) will begin with the last out from the previous inning starting the new inning on second base with one out.  The batting order will continue as previously established.

  1. Official Game Rule – An official Legends game is 4 full innings.

  2. Father/(Son/Daughter/Sibling) Rule – A son/daughter/sibling age 19-29 may play on their father’s 30 or 40+ team.  The son/daughter/sibling may pitch in any game vs. a 19+ Team, but not versus a 30 or 40+ team.

  3. Uniform Rule – All players are required to wear the official Legends uniform consisting of red pinstripe pants, jersey and team hat. 

  • League-approved team uniforms and/or hats other than official uniforms are permitted, provided all members of a given team wear them and they receive initial approval from the Commissioner.  Legends uniforms are always allowed as a substitute.

  • For teams using Legends uniforms, league pre-approved pants and team-specific hats may be purchased by players, but official Legends jerseys issued by the League must be used. Socks and belts shall be complimentary in color to the team uniform. 

  • For all PLAYOFF games (excluding consolation games), a league player must be in full uniform to participate in the game as a player. This includes the same jerseys, similar hats (same base colors and similar logos), and with pants consisting of the same base color (e.g., If the team has custom uniforms with white as the base color, any color piping or pinstripes on white base pants is approved, but grey base pants of any kind are not approved). 

  • The chief umpire, Commissioner, or Deputy Commissioner will apply this rule. 

  1. Playoff Forfeit Rule – During playoffs a team forfeits if it has less than 8 players. The team may play with 8, but an out will be recorded when the 9th player position is due up in the batting order.

  2. Ejection Rule – If a player is ejected from a game, the player must leave the ballpark grounds (to the parking lot).  If a player is ejected twice in a season, the player will be suspended for the season.

  3. Umpire Rule – It is entirely appropriate for the manager (or catcher on a check swing) who does not agree with an umpire's call (except balls and strikes) to ask the umpire to request help from the second umpire.  Umpires strive to "get the call right".

  4. Reverse DH Rule – A player may request to play the field and not hit.  This must be requested to the Commissioner at the beginning of the season, and be in force for the entire season. Managers and umpires will be notified.

Pitching-Specific Rules

  1. Pitcher Eligibility Rule

  • Pitchers in the 40+ league must be at least 32 – this will be allowed until the 40+ league is firmly established.  If a manager in the 40+ division feels an opposing 32-39 age pitcher is too dominant, the manager has the right to request that the dominant pitcher sit after two innings. (For Spring 2022, 30+ and 40+ are combined, so this rule is out).

  • Pitchers in the 30+ league must be at least 29 years old.  Anyone can pitch in a 19+ game. 

  • Pitchers may not pitch more than 5 innings in a scheduled 9 inning game. 

  • A single pitch constitutes an inning.  Once a pitcher leaves an inning, the pitcher may not return to pitch in that inning.

  1. Walk 4 Batters Rule – If a pitcher walks 4 batters in one inning (1 hit batsman counts as a walk), the pitcher must be replaced at that time, but can come back in a subsequent inning.

  2. Hit Batters Rule – If a pitcher hits 2 batters in one inning, the pitcher must be replaced immediately, but can return in another inning.  Once the pitcher hits 3 batters during a game, the pitcher must be replaced immediately and cannot return to pitch for that game. 

  3. Intentional Walk Rule – Intentional walks are not allowed.

During the Game Rules

  1. Bat Rule - New for Spring 2021 (19+ Division only) - For safety reasons, only drop -3 bats are allowed.

  2. Dugout Rule – Only registered players are allowed in the dugout without a helmet.  All other personnel in the dugout must have a helmet. 

  3. Equipment Rule – All players must wear a baseball helmet at bat and on the bases. Catchers must remove catching equipment when batting. Catchers must wear a helmet when catching.  Any type of bat is allowed – wood, metal, drop 8, etc.

  4. Base Coaches Rule - Base coaches are recommended, but not mandatory.

  5. Max 4-run inning rule – In the interest of time, a maximum of 4 runs can be scored in innings 1-6, unless an out of the park home run scores runs above 4.  Unlimited runs are allowed in innings 7-9. This rule is waived for the 19+ division.

  6. Hidden Ball Rule – A player may attempt a fake throw to catch a runner not paying attention.  However, a player cannot delay the game by hiding the ball in hopes of tagging out an unsuspecting player.

  7. Fake Tag Rule – In the interest of safety, a fielder cannot fake a tag on a runner at any time.  If a player fakes a tag, the runner will be awarded the approaching base plus an additional base. 

  8. Pinch Runner Rule - Anytime a pinch runner is used, that runner is not allowed to steal bases.

  9. Runner Unsportsmanlike Rule – Runners must make every attempt to avoid contact with a fielder, and slide into bases or give up if the defensive player is in position with the ball.  Failure to do so will result in the runner being called out and other runners being returned to the last base prior to the contact.

  10. If the conduct of a player is deemed unsportsmanlike, malicious, or too aggressive by the umpire, the player may be ejected from the game, or suspended from future game(s) with no refund at the discretion of the Commissioner.‚Äč

  11. Rotation Rule – All players must rotate defensively so that no player sits for more than one inning in a row, unless by player's choice.

  12. Substitution Rule – During the regular season there are no forfeits. Teams who have less than 9 players may borrow players from the opposing team for defense only, or as permanent players for that game.

  13. Timing Rule – Teams will have 2:30 minutes between innings before the first pitch.  The clock starts with the recorded third out of the previous half inning.

  • If the pitcher is not ready, a ball will be called. If the batter is not ready, a strike will be called.

  • Relief pitchers have 2:30 minutes between the umpire being notified of the change by the manager and the first pitch.

  1. Injury Rule – If an offensive player is injured during play, a pinch runner may be substituted. The substitution must be the last player to make an out. If the same player again asks for a pinch runner later in the game, the player must be removed for the remainder of the game.  If a defensive player is injured and removed from the game, the player may not bat in the next half inning, or until the player returns to defensive action. 

  2. Catcher/Pitcher Running Rule – The manager has the option to replace the pitcher on base with two outs in an inning. Catcher replacement is mandatory.  In both cases, the pinch runner must be the last player who made an out.  Regardless of this option, the first pitch of the next inning must be delivered in 2:30 after the last out.  

  3. 500 foot Rule – If you can hit the ball 500 feet, you probably should not be in this league!