Legends Sports League is a recreational sports league that caters to both adult and youth sports. Based in Fairfax, VA, Legends offers adult basketball, baseball, and pickleball as well as youth basketball

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Field Maintenance Information

Codes have been removed, call us for that.


Again this season, we are playing on 4 of the premier high school fields in Fairfax, and we need to make sure we take very good care of them.  If we do not, the schools will easily be able to stop us from playing there, and we will be delegated to poor fields.

For Prince William fields, we have special instructions for Leitch:

  • Bases are locked in box behind first base dugout.
  • Code is xxxx.
  • Last team on field, put bases back, replace plugs on field, and lock the box!


Here is what the teams need to make sure happens on our Fairfax fields:


High Schools:

• The expectation that the field be left in the condition that it was found.  All trash and debris cleaned up.

• If a tarp is on the mound and home-plate, you are to remove it to play, then replace it if any chance of rain.

• Baselines are to be raked with the lines, not across them. 

• Do not remove or sweep any standing water off of the fields.  Use batting cages for BP, NOT the field.

• Do not warm up in the infield – use the outfield.


Specific instructions per field:




South County Secondary:

  • Brian Orth is managing the field maintenance.  His cell is 703-629-9184 if you need anything else. 
  • The field is gated and the code is xxxxxx on the lockbox. The key to the gate is here. The last team to leave needs to make sure the gate is locked and key replaced.
  • -Centerfield batting cage code is xxxx

Violation of any of the rules below may result in loss of permit.

  • If there is any standing water on the field - DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PLAY.
  • If there is water/mud/wet dirt - DO NOT RAKE INTO GRASS
    • This will kill the grass and you WILL lose your permit.
  • Absolutely no on-field batting practice allowed.
    • Teams CANNOT use the batting cages if they are locked!
    • If cages are open, NO METAL CLEATS allowed.
  • Please stay off the foul lines when warming up – do not warm up on infield.
  • No batted or thrown balls (including plyo balls) against fences or backstop.
    • Please use the designated soft toss/tee net area behind LF.
  • Do NOT climb over any fence for any reason.  Do NOT sit on dugout rails.
    • Do NOT kick the rocks in the home dugout.
  • Absolutely no use of tobacco or alcohol on school premises. 
  • No spikes may be worn for practices.


  • Rake and fill holes on all dirt surfaces, including home plate, pitcher's mound, bases, on-deck walk-ups, and bullpens using the rakes provided in the 3rd base dugout. (Never assume there is a game after you…)
    • DO NOT rake or drag dirt into the grass.  This will help avoid "lips" on the field.
    • Bases stay on the field.
    • Remove all trash and litter from the dugouts.
      • Place it in the trash cans or take it with you.
    • Cover the mound and home plate with tarps after raking! 
      • Do not walk on the tarps with steel cleats.
    • Turn off field lights (after the last game played) – they are not on a timer!
    • Sweep rocks in 3rd Base dugout back into the rocked filled area 

Edison HS:

• Call Jimmy Wells – 571-274-9378 cell if any questions.

• NEW THIS YEAR – Legends is adding our own lockbox – code is xxxxx.

• Until our box is placed there (should be first game) the field is gated and the code is xxxx on the lockbox on the fence. The key to the gate is here. The last team to leave needs to make sure the gate is locked and key replaced.

• Coach specifically asks that we rake the mound and batter’s box EVEN IF THERE IS A TEAM BEHIND US! Other schools have not asked us to do that.


Lewis HS:

• The head coach is John James. Call his cell if any questions: (703) 883-4616.

• Follow general HS info above.


Madison HS:

• The head coach is Andrew Baird and his cell is 703-303-2452

• ABSOLUTELY NO HITTING OFF OF THE GRASS on any part of the field.

• 4 rakes will be left in the 3rd base dugout bullpen to use.  Please rake up home plate and mound and around bases and return the rakes to the bullpen.  I will be dragging the field on a regular basis throughout the Spring/Summer as well.

• Tarps MUST be put back on at the end of every game.  They can be rolled using the white PVC pipe or folded neatly and placed in first base bullpen during games.

• PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE ANY MATS/TARPS on the field’s grass or DRAIN COVERS.  They should be placed in dugouts or bullpen areas.  **If mats are left on drain covers and it rains, the field will flood.

• Sprinklers have not been set.  I will review weekend scheduling and time the sprinklers based on usage to give the field 2 hours to soak up the water.  If there is standing water in the dirt, DO NOT push the water out of the area.  This will create low spots and make the area worse for the future.  You can always call me if there is a question about the water or field conditions.

• Leave the bases on the magnets

• Trash cans will be available in each dugout