Legends Sports League is a recreational sports league that caters to both adult and youth sports. Based in Fairfax, VA, Legends offers adult basketball, baseball, and pickleball as well as youth basketball

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Legends Adult Baseball Survey Results!


A big THANK YOU for all who took time out of your busy schedules to respond to our recent survey!  We had almost 100 baseball players respond, with a great cross-section of all age groups, divisions, current vs. no longer playing, and first year participants vs. veteran Legends!

We couldn’t address all the comments, but tried to answer the most relevant ones, as well as lumping similar comments.  We tried to address as many of your recommendations as possible to make Legends even better!

This report is broken into 6 Parts:

  • Part 1 – Positive Comments

  • Part 2 - Your Recommendations We Can Address

  • Part 3 – What We Most Likely Cannot Address and Why

  • Part 4 – Costs

  • Part 5 – Hall of Fame Comments

  • Part 6 – Pictures Comments


So first, here are some of the positive comments we wanted to share with everyone:

Part 1 – Positive Comments

Q37 - How would you rate your overall experience with Legends?

46% of respondents told us they were “Satisfied”, and an additional 40% said they were “Extremely Satisfied”.

This is great news considering most people responding to surveys usually want to air their complaints!

We are committed to getting closer to 100% across these categories, so read on!


Q38 - What are your favorite parts of the Legends experience?

The team make ups are great.  The play on Sunday mornings really fits the rest of my family schedule.   The level of competition is excellent.  Playing the game basically by full baseball rules.  I like the time limits and run scoring rules.  The league is well organized and communications from the league and often, timely, and meaningful.

Playing with my guys. Relaxed environment

The opportunity to play baseball again, without the big commitment.

Never played competitive baseball after little league.  Love the game this was a great return.

Friendships with guys on the team.  Getting to play ball without having to be "great." The fact that guys on other teams can joke around with each other and keep it light, even while playing hard & trying their best to win.

Show up Sunday's, play real baseball with good dudes. No pressure, it is really a fun league, all my complaints are really benign.

Most teams keep the game in perspective.  Competition is at a good level without anyone getting overly  nuts about winning. But it is also good that the games haven't degenerated into softball-like beer games.

Friendly atmosphere AND competitive games. It's hard to get both at the same time, but we do!


Q40 - Is there anything else you would like Legends to know?

Thanks for the opportunity to play again.

Thanks for putting the league together

umpiring seems to have improved

I think Legends is a fantastic baseball league. The use of the website, email, and texts is very helpful. I want the league to grow & succeed, and I hope it doesn't change much in the process.

The commish is the best but enough about the red Sox

     - Seriously?!  There is no Red Sox team in the league!  And by the way, root for the N.E. Patriots!

Best baseball league in the area

Keep up the good work!


Part 2 – Your Recommendations We Can Address

1.       It would be really nice do training during the week like mondays , Wednesdays, and Fridays or at least two days in the week that will help us to develop and create very good skills and then we can know better with the others in the team and know how they play and when the game time comes play a really good game and see the results !

a.       We’ve requested one night a week for practices.  Crossing fingers, because youth get priority and they usually lock up just about everything.

2.       Discounts for current players who refer a new enrollee to league.

a.       We have this!  See the Costs tab on the site under Information for details.  Basically, If a current player brings a minimum of 2 new players to the league, those new players and the referring player gets the discounts, ranging from 20-50% off registration!


3.       Eliminate morning game play for 19+ players. 

a.       We’ve had trouble with getting later games in the past in Fairfax, but it does look promising for the Spring Season!  If we get the afternoon slots, we will put most 19+ games in these slots.

4.       Possibly have an all-star game decided on by teammates.  You could have teams vote for a certain number of participants.

a.       We’ve thought about this, and will look into it!

5.       More pictures on social media.

a.       We will try.  Teams can also do this, as we cannot attend most of the games.

6.       Blog - The more participation there is from teams, the better the blog will be.

a.       Yes, we continue to request input from managers.  Players should ask managers to enter updates! Or maybe designate a player to be the team reporter!

7.       Running a training session or two for the umpires to train the new ones and refresh/update the more experienced ones.

a.       We’ve done this in the past and will try to set this up again!

8.       Can you look at where you draw players from and try to utilize field that are more convenient?  One issue I had was driving over an hour to play.

a.       We do try to do this, but as you can imagine, it is very difficult to find the perfect team for players.

9.       Bat rules. For safety reasons. BBCOR or wood only.

a.       We will discuss this at the Rules Committee meeting.

10.   I just hope Legends doesn't try to become another MSBL, "experienced players only", practice and games 2x/week kind of league!

a.       We will NEVER do that!




Part 3 – What We May not be able to Address and Why

1.       Maybe play games on Saturday

a.       Sorry, we can’t get fields, and also, whenever we try to have rain make-ups, teams can’t play on Saturdays!

11.   More Eastern-Fairfax / Arlington fields

a.       We cannot get fields in Arlington, and Fairfax is very limited.  We are extremely thankful to get the excellent high school fields we have!


12.   Enforce the "batting order" from game to game.  The order should not reset with each game.

a.       We will bring this up at the Rules Committee, but many like it this way as it is more like ‘real baseball’!

13.   Summer league should be like MLB spring training (less emphasis on MVP's and who "wins" a ridiculously short "season"

a.       Really?!  We will ask at the Rules Committee.

14.   We need to stop playing at fields that pose hazards to the players as we all have to go to work on Monday.  An example of this is playing at Vets 3 after 3pm in the fall.

a.       We don’t have lots of choices with fields, but we will discuss when we talk with the County.

15.   Expanding and distributing talent in the 19+ league.

a.       This is difficult. As players on the better teams do not want to change teams, as they are playing with friends.  We also encourage weaker teams to recruit friends who complement their team.  In addition, the league always places stronger new players to Legends on the most needy teams.  Many saw this improvement in the weaker teams in the fall. 


Part 4 – Pricing

1.       It is a pretty good value once a player/team is established in the league.

2.       I think the pricing is very fair.  For the amount of play we get and the fields we get to play on I think we are more than getting our moneys worth out of each season.

3.       The pricing is still high and makes it hard for others I know who would like to participate.

a.       We realize some think the price is too high.  We did lower the price of the 19+ Division last season to $199 vs. $222, and will continue this.  We also offer discounts for current players referring 2 or more new players into the league.  See earlier comment, and the website for more details!


Part 5 – Hall of Fame Comments


1.       League should adopt a set of written standards for what it is and have a rotating committee of at least 3 to 5 people to make recommendations to Commissioner.  It is currently unclear what the standards are for HOF nomination or selection.

a.       We have this!  See the website for more info, under Information/Hall of Fame tabs.

2.       Awesome. Keep it small 2 or 3 entries.

3.       Great idea and the inaugural class was well thought out. There should be just a few each year based on criteria being beyond just athletic skill

a.       Yes, we agree it’s not all about skill…see the site, per above.

4.       Love the idea of possible induction into the Legends Hall of Fame. Just don't know much about how it works nor how to qualify.


Part 6 – Pictures Comments

  1. They need to have wider coverage of teams.

    1. We will try, but it is hard for us to get to all the games.  Managers should ask if someone on the team has a nice camera.  We will post the pictures, and your team will love it!

2.       Love the pictures.  Forgot about the ability to download them.

3.       Frequently.  Great photos.

4.       I enjoy having them.  It's a great way to preserve memories from the league.

5.       I think the pictures are the best part and I would like to see more.