Legends Sports League is a recreational sports league that caters to both adult and youth sports. Based in Fairfax, VA, Legends offers adult basketball, baseball, and pickleball as well as youth basketball

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Fall 2023 Season!

General Information

Check out all the info below.  When ready to register, go to the Registration page under Baseball.


We will most likely have three Divisions:

  • 18+ Open Division

  • 30+ A Division 

  • 40+/30+B Division (Combines weaker 30+ A Teams with 40+ Teams)

  • These divisions may expand or contract depending on the number of teams registering for the season.

  • NOTE: Teams in 30+ A with weak records, or 30+B/40+ teams with strong records, may be automatically moved to the other division for remaining regular season or playoffs.


Most games will be within age groups, but we may have inter-division games to make it more interesting.  Due to the potential of these younger players being dominant within the older age-group league, any opposing manager of the older division team has the right to request a dominant younger-team pitcher to sit after two dominant innings.  Also, any person on an older division team may pitch against a younger division team that he is eligible for (voiding any pitching age rule). 


Any age player who perhaps prefers a quicker game, may choose to play on a lower age team/division.  Lower age division teams should minimally affect existing league play, where Legends scheduled inter-league games with younger teams of higher skill.

Rosters and schedules will be sent about a week prior to the first game. Teams are scheduled to play at least 9 games, which includes playoff games.  Losers in playoffs continue to play in consolation games. 


Tentative Schedule (Subject to change):

(STAY FLEXIBLE - The season playoffs may be earlier or later than shown)



Field Locations and Times:

Field locations have not yet been determined, but are most likely the following:

Fairfax County

  •        Madison High School
  •        Edison High School
  •        Lewis (old Lee) High School
  •        South County Secondary

Prince William County

  •       Veteran's Park
  •       Leitch Park
  •       Pfitzner Stadium (as available)! 

Game start times will vary depending on the final schedule, and usually exclusively on Sundays.  Game start times are typically 9am, 12pm, 3pm, and sometimes 6:30pm.



Per Player Registration

Want to try Legends but don't have a lot of $?  No problem, we want to make it happen for you!  We have used uniform jerseys and pants that you can have for no cost!  How can you go wrong?!  

18+ Division

18+ Division players up to age 25 pay less to help our young players participate! Costs include a $218 registration fee.

30+ and 40+ Divisions

Costs include a $241 registration fee.

Uniform Information

Many teams have their own uniforms.  If you are a free agent and get added to an existing team, uniform costs generally are lower, as these teams typically only have one jersey vs. two from the league.  Players purchase team uniforms directly from the assigned team.  

Out of County Fee

For those players not residing in Fairfax or Prince William counties, there is an additional $30 fee, which is part of what the fee charges Legends.  We subsidize the rest.

Service Fee

With the new Legends website, the new host is charging a service fee.  This is a percentage of the total.



Team Registrations

Advantages of Team Registration:


  1. The registration cost is a flat $3133 (13 * $241 registration fee) for 30+ teams, and $2834 (13 * $218) for 19+ teams.  However, you may have as many players on your official roster as you desire.  This allows the manager to accommodate players who cannot make some games, but still would like to participate.  This also lowers the per player cost - the more players added, the less cost per player.

  2. No out-of-county fees are charged.

  3. You can avoid getting free-agents and play with less than 15 players.

  4. New players who need Legends uniforms will request and pay for them during their Team Registration – Part 2.

  5. For playoffs, players must be on the roster no later midway through the season to be eligible to play.


Service Fee

With the new Legends website, the new host is charging a service fee.  This is a percentage of the total.




Most Asked Questions


  • How do I get on a team?
    • ​If you are a free agent, we check the answers on your registration (positions played, skill, etc.) and place you on the team that makes the most sense, while trying to balance team strengths.
  • Can I play with friends?
    • ​Yes, just specify who on the registration.
  • Are there team practices?
    • ​Most teams don't practice, so if new to Legends, we recommend you go to batting cages and/or find a friend to throw with.
  • When are the games played?
    • ​We play once a week on Sundays, start times typically 9 am or noon, but sometimes later.
  • Am I forgetting anything? 
    • Maybe!  ​Check out the "General Information" tab above for more information!





We are moving to a new hosting site!  While we are working on it, below is the link to register.  Since this is a totally new hosting site, you will need to create a new account.  The new site will be great!