Legends Sports League is a recreational sports league that caters to both adult and youth sports. Based in Fairfax, VA, Legends offers adult basketball, baseball, and pickleball as well as youth basketball

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Registration as an individual or an incoming team is allowed.  Just go to the main page and select one of the big buttons on the right side of the site.  If there are no buttons, no registrations are currently open.

Legends currently has separate leagues in Spring, Summer and Fall.  The Spring Season starts in April, Summer Season in July, and the Fall Season in late August.

Although we can play on any fields in Fairfax or Prince William counties, we most recently have been playing at Madison HS (Oakton), Lee HS (Springfield), Edison HS (Springfield), Veteran's Park (Woodbridge), Leitch Park (Manassas), and Pfitzner Stadium (Woodbridge).

All players must purchase a baseball uniform, based on the team assigned.  Typically it includes a baseball jersey, pants, hat, socks, and belt.  Players must supply additional equipment such as glove, cleats, and bat (but most teams have plenty of bats). Catcher’s equipment is included for each team.  When you join Legends, you generally only purchase the uniform once (as long as you stay with the same team) as it can be worn during subsequent seasons.  Incoming pre-formed teams can opt to wear their own uniforms, subject to league approval prior to the season (in general, uniforms must fit with the overall feel of the league, be of good quality, and have jersey numbers on front and back), and as long as all team members have the same uniform.

Game Length
Games are scheduled for 9 innings or a maximum of 3 hours, with no new inning beginning after 2 3/4 hours.  If the field is available, the max and no new inning times will be extended 15 minutes - this must be agreed upon at the pre-game plate conference.  If there is a tie, the field is still available, and managers agree, the umpires can decide to continue the game.

Participating players will be assigned to a team with the goal of creating equal strengths of teams.  We also use your desired positions (specified on your registration) to place you on a team that may be in need of that position (particularly pitchers and catchers).  If you desire to play on a particular team or with a friend, specify that on the registration and every effort will be made to accommodate you. 15 players is the absolute maximum on any given team, unless a team desires more due to less availability of players for games.

We provide most team equipment including full uniforms, batting helmets (we however, recommend you get your own for best comfort and sanitation),  and one set of catcher's gear.  You must provide glove, shoes (we recommend plastic spikes vs. metal spikes or sneakers) and bat (teams usually have plenty of bats and allow all team members to share - ask first!).  Any type bat is allowed.

Age Limits
All players must be at least 19 years old by Opening Day (if age 19-29, you must enter the 19 league, unless using the Father/Son rule described in Rules).  You must be at least 32 years old to pitch in the 30+B/40+ league.

Two umpires will oversee each game.  If you have umpiring experience or would like to learn, and are interested in umpiring, contact us for further information.

There are no mandatory practices (many are very busy and have just enough time to come to the games!)  Some teams may organize an optional practice on their own, either on an available field or at batting cages.

Although the league downplays heavy competition and stresses fun, let's be honest - we all like to win!  To satisfy our need to “Be a Legend”, a single elimination tournament will be held at the end of the season. All teams are in the playoffs regardless of regular season records. Trophies will be awarded to the winning team in each division.

Refunds (minus administrative fee of 20%) can only be given 3 weeks prior to the start of the season.  This is necessary because of the nature ordering uniforms and/or confirming rosters.


If you are injured during the first three weeks of the season (1 week for summer) and cannot play the remaining season, you can receive a $50 ($25 for summer) credit towards your next season.  You may also transfer this credit to any new player to the league. 

Please note: To keep costs down for our players, Legends does not purchase excess accident medical coverage for injury to participants.  Please make sure your own insurance covers any injury you may have.

Rain Info

Call the numbers below to determine if the field has been closed. Remember, if it has rained the day preceding your game but is beautiful on game day, the field may still be unplayable!


        Leitch Park:                    Main #: 703-792-3280 (message updated 7am and Noon)

        Long Park:                     Main #: 703-792-3282 (message updated 7am and Noon)

        Pfitzner Stadium:            Main #: 703-792-3291 (message updated 7am and Noon)

        Veteran's Park:               Main #: 703-792-3285 (message updated 7am and Noon)

        Stonewall Jackson HS:    Main #: 703-792-3281 (message updated 7am and Noon)

Every effort will be made to make up rainouts.  $20 credits per game will be provided for rain-outs above the first three rainouts if not made-up.


Emergency Communications

In the event of inclement weather, see the Rain Info, above.  We will also email all players and umpires of weather status as early as the night before if needed, and/or at least two hours before games time if possible.

We will also email all players and umpires as soon as we hear of any other emergencies that arise.